DELTACITY 'its time we gave something back'

Set deep in the heart of the action , The DELTACITY plays host to the last strong hold against the DDC corporation with there hard handed tactics and sound terrorist , the EDD909 , to eradicate the masses with audio warfare.

Little did they know the residents of the city refuse to move from there run down shit tip drug ran , sex fuelled town to make way for the futuristic plans for DELTACITY.

Beats , Bleeps , Breaks n Techno , the residents won't be moved out of town , backed by the TB303 model in defiance of the EDD909 product.




Good business is where you find it .

And for DCC products good business was found everywhere.

Built on back room raves and intense hardcore lobbying and non aggressive acquisition of competitors, DCC was a dominant force in every market it entered , providing services for virtually every ravers need.

The conglomerates which extended from basic essentials like chewing gum , white gloves and water, to entire industries technically considered as nonprofit such as pharmaceutical distribution and wholesale erotica.

The company was composed of subsidiaries in divisions owning to fake news programs on social media, and private security companies such as DCC security , and urban rehab blockers.

DCC was one of the largest illicit suppliers of the beats bleeps and break in movement,  which stems for the wider program code named Operation stomp  oot .

The forceful removal of residents via repetitive beats for the wider plan of a more futuristic city , however DCC underestimated the power of M.D.M.A . and are currently locked in urban audio warfare with S.O.U.N.D.